Mt. David Summit


Last Friday I attended the 2008 Mt. David Summit in Pettengill Hall. It was my first time attending the event and I found it to be truly incredible. The Mt. David Summit is a mass presentation of everything Bates. Students of all grades present research they have worked on, seniors present final projects, photos from student trips abroad are displayed, shows and concerts are had, and discussions on a host of different topics take place. Parents and students crowded into Pettengill all day to observe the near endless number of exhibits and presentations. The Bates website described the Mt. David Summit as, “the annual campus-wide celebration of student academic achievement, highlighting undergraduate research; student creative work in art, dance, theater, music and film/video; projects conducted in the context of academic courses; and service-learning.”

I felt like a kid given free-reign in a candy store, running all over the building trying to take in as much as I possibly could. I left feeling amazed (and a bit tired). The Mt. David Summit could have lasted for a week and I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy everything it had to offer.Here are some pictures I took of the Summit. I also recommend checking out the Bates website for some great pictures taken at the event (Click here).



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