My dad came up to Bates this weekend for a visit of the campus and a bit of skiing. The skiing was excellent and it was great showing my dad the new dining facility and all my usual stomping grounds. My dad told me on Friday that we could go out to dinner wherever I wanted to go and I immediately suggested Davinci’s Eatery. I had heard great things about the Italian restaurant but had never been able to go. I actually tried to go once with a few friends but it was on a Saturday night and there was a ridiculously long wait so we were forced away feeling dejected and hungry. This time, I refused to be denied. My dad and I arrived at Davinci’s around 6:30 and were told we would have to wait 45 minutes. We decided to stick it out and boy was it worth it. Davinci’s slogan is: ‘Casual Dining… Seriously Delicious’ and that fit my experience just right. I started with the mozzarella caprese then had some chicken parmigiana served with penne pasta and homemade marinara sauce. I also devoured a side of roasted garlic potatoes and garlic knots to further shame myself.

The following night we went back to Davinci’s again (this time with a few friends of mine) and luckily only had to wait about 25 minutes. Once again the wait was well worth it and once again I shamed myself by devouring everything on my plate (Steak this time).

The food was excellent as was the company and now that I have gone to Davinci’s twice in two nights I think I have gotten my fix for a little while. Perhaps I should expand my horizons and try a new restaurant next time. For now I am still too full to even think about it. Check out Davinci’s (which is just 5 mins from the Bates campus) menu.


(Photo: http://www.davinciseatery.com/ordereze/Gallery/Summary.aspx)


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