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Last Friday was the deadline for signing up for a short term class (the 1 course we take here at Bates during the last month of school in the spring) and our classes for Fall 2008. This was my first experience with signing up for a short term course and other for regular classes and it went fairly well. The signup process is pretty simple. There is an online course catalog and you register for your classes through the internet. The online registration was open all last week. When too many students sign up for a course the computer randomizes who gets into the class. If you don’t get in and you are still interested in the course their is a petition period in which you can explain to the professor (in writing) why you deserve to be in the class. Most professors here at Bates are very understanding and don’t mind taking in extra students.

I got into all four courses I want to take in the fall (Wartime Dissent in Modern America, Latin American History, Criminology, and an upper-level Spanish course). Unfortunately I was not able to get into my short term which was called Spy Games: The Role of Espionage in International Affairs. The course sounded very interesting so I am a bit disappointed. However rather than petition for it I will most likely choose another course to take this spring since there are a plethora of options.

I think my first experience with online registration for courses (not counting signing up for freshmen classes) was relatively easy. You can’t always get the courses you want but luckily here at Bates we have understanding professors and a fair petition period that make the process a whole lot easier.

Here is link to learn more about short term. It is a very cool program that is unique to Bates and I encourage you to read more about it. Once short term begins I will be sure to fill you in on my whole experience.


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