Commons… again

Okay so I will admit I am a bit obsessed with the new commons. As you can see in the post below I am struggling to keep myself from laughing and being giddy like a little school girl. If it were legal to marry an inanimate object I clearly would have tied the knot by now and been standing side-by-side with the new facility. If it were… alright you get the idea. But in all seriousness commons isn’t 100% perfect. It does have its faults. Being an optimist I am sure most of these issues will be worked out in due time but in an effort to not sound too crazily in love with the new building I thought it only fair to point out some of the flaws.                                                                                                               First of all the increased number of new food stations, which were set up to decrease traffic flow, have caused some unfortunate problems. Without being forced in any one direction, students listlessly wander from station to station confused, disoriented, and hungry. I personally have been involved in a few ‘accidents’ thus far in which, distracted by delicious foods calling me from all directions, I walk directly into another Batsie who also was distracted by the plethora of food options and the spread out food stations. These ‘accidents’ are often followed by awkward defenses or weak excuses such as, “sorry I wasn’t thinking” or “I… ummm… sorry I was just… yeah… okay sorry bye.” As Batesies become more acquainted with the new facility I am sure that these embarrassing collisions will decrease dramatically. Other minor problems include the introduction of decreased tray sizes (I don’t understand why a bigger building means we should get smaller trays) and the installation of carpeted floors (perhaps aesthetically pleasing but certainly not good for food and drink spills).                                                                                                                                                    Commons isn’t 100% perfect. But who/what is in this day and age? I still love commons even if I am accidently running into people with my tiny tray and spilling soda all over the brand new carpet.                                                                                               By the way… for those of you who were wondering about what became of the napkin board it is up in the new commons and I will snap a picture of it tomorrow so you can see it in all it’s glory… until next time…


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