New Commons

About a week has gone by since the new commons here at Bates opened up and the only word I can use to describe it is ‘amazing’. The new building emphasizes large open spaces with high ceilings and wide hallways, and the gigantic windows provide natural light that accentuates the beauty of the seating area. Carpeted floors, new wooden tables and chairs are part of the new dining facility’s two floor seating area. Food is now served from multiple stations which helps alleviate the problem of traffic. There are more drinks available (I greatly approve of the additional flavors of gatorade and powerade), new food options (gyros, a make-your-own waffle station, and brick-oven pizza and meatball heroes), as well as a brand new convenience store that sells chips, candy, cold drinks, ice cream, as well as everyday goods such as batteries, soap and shampoo. The convenience store also sells sandwiches, burgers, fries, and other goodies and is open until at least 1:00 am everyday. The new building also has multiple meeting rooms and a fireplace lounge with comfy chairs perfect for studying. The overall newness and cleanliness of the facility amazes me and caused one of my friends to say, “I feel like I could eat off any surface in this building… even the servers.” As you can probably tell I am beside myself with excitement and apparently the novelty of a new building still hasn’t worn off on me. Here are some pictures I took to help give you an idea of what the new facility is like… enjoy: dsc00001.jpg

(Above: Overhead view of the New Commons)


(Above: Milt’s Emporium – The new student convenience store)


(Above: A view of some of the new food stations)


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