Politics at Bates

Politics have taken center stage at Bates this past week as the democrats geared up for the Maine caucus today. Edward (Ted) Kennedy, the democratic senator from Massachusetts, came up to Bates on Friday to campaign for Barack Obama. Students and faculty packed the chapel to hear Senator Kennedy discuss the need for change in the country. The next day presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton spoke just a few minutes from the Bates campus at the Lewiston Armory. I was lucky enough to hear Senator Kennedy speak but unfortunately I did not see Senator Clinton (see blog below this one for reason). Today many Batesies got rides to the Lewiston High School to vote in the democratic caucus. I find it great that many students here, whether democrats or republicans, are politically active. Though not everyone agrees on who should be the next president, it’s moving to see so many young people, many who are voting for the first time, involved in the political process. 



Sorry I couldn’t get my own picture of Senator Kennedy but I thought a visual would be a nice touch.


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