Weekends always go by too fast but this past weekend seemed to fly by quicker than the rest. It started early Saturday morning when I woke up at 7 am to get an early breakfast before spending the day skiing at Sunday River with some friends. The ski conditions were pretty good and after a long day of skiing (and a car ride back in which my friends and I all sang along to some classic tunes) I was wiped out. Not one to let tiredness get in the way of having a good time, I showered, grabbed some dinner, and headed over to Schaeffer Theater to watch Asia Night (described on a poster as “A Celebration of Asian Cultures”). The show was filled with dances, music, karate, and modeling of traditional clothes from different Asian nations. After that I headed across campus to see stand-up comedian Jeff Kreisler. He wrote for Jon Stewert’s Daily Show and was performing at Bates as part of his ‘Comedy Against Evil’ college tour. Both performances were awesome.The following day I woke up and watched my beloved NY Rangers beat the Montreal Canadians 5-3 on NBC. Some friends and I then had a barbeque before the Superbowl using Bates’ new grill outside the dorm at 280 College Street. After stuffing myself with multiple cheeseburgers and many other tasty treats I watched the game with about 30 people and then came back to my own dorm to attempt to tackle a mountain of homework.Though I somewhat regret leaving my work until the last minute I still had a great weekend and am now relaxed and ready for another week of classes. Pictures from Superbowl: superbowl-good.png superbowl-good-2.pngsuperbowl-good-3.png


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