Sunday Study

It’s Sunday and that means it’s time to do homework. I did get some work done yesterday but I still have to write a chapter summary in Spanish, finish some American history reading, and study for a big macroeconomics test which is tomorrow. Luckily, with no NFL games this weekend, I can’t procrastinate and watch 3 hours of football as I have been doing in recent weeks (Mom I hope you’re not reading this). Since I had no distractions I headed over to Pgill (Pettengill Hall) in the afternoon and was able to snag a comfortable chair in the beautiful atrium. Other than taking a break for dinner I have been studying and working here since. I really can’t complain about the workload however considering I am working in such an amazing place. I am going to get back to studying now but I will post some pictures I took so you can get a feel of Pgill. I think the only thing I have to worry about now is falling asleep in this comfy chair…   dsc00009.jpg dsc00010.jpgdsc00011.jpg 


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